WordPress Fuel is a framework for WordPress Artisans

WordPress Fuel is the first HMVC (Hierarchical Model View Controller) WordPress Plugin Development Framework. WP Fuel framework helps you write clean, modular code, and speed up the creation and maintenance of your WordPress plugins. Plugin development is much more fun and enjoyable. It is based on the best ideas of other PHP frameworks.


Why would you want to choose WordPress Fuel?

Use WordPress Fuel for a clearly defined, fast, and maintainable WordPress Plugin

  • Rapid Plugin Development

    Simple, clean and solid foundation for WordPress plugin development.

  • OOP Plugin API

    This is an OOP framework and everything is built using PHP5.

  • Easy to configure

    It requires nearly zero configuration.

  • Masterpage Layouts

    It supports layouts with nested views.

  • Clean Package

    Very well commented code and easy to understand what is happening.

  • Ease of Maintenance

    An HMVC request dispatcher and a structured organization of files for easy maintenance.