What is WordPress Fuel?

HMVC PHP framework for swift WordPress plugin development

WordPress Fuel is an HMVC PHP framework. The PHP codebase to write clean and modular plugins within WordPress. The WordPress codebase is very much a procedural design, while a primary feature of WordPress Fuel is to provide an HMVC architecture to write clean and maintainable WordPress plugins.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Uses the MVC pattern
  • Cascading resources, modules, and inheritance
  • No namespace conflicts
  • PHP5 OOP
  • Loosely coupled architecture
  • API consistency
  • Short learning curve

What exactly WordPress Fuel Framework does?

  • Promotes code reusability.
  • Isolates business, presentation, and application logic.
  • Speeds up the creation and maintenance of your WordPress plugins.
  • Makes Plugin development fun and enjoyable.

  • License
    Please read the article that compares Flat WordPress Plugin and WordPress Fuel Plugin.


  • Muneeb - Creator of WordPress Fuel

    Hi, I'm Muneeb and I created WordPress Fuel in December, 2012. It all started when I wanted to migrate and convert my existing MVC applications to fit within WordPress. I explored many WordPress plugin development resources but unfortunately couldn’t find a codebase to meet my needs. So, I wrote a WordPress framework that allowed writing a WordPress plugin using HMVC.